At Salvation Mountain, some post-punk kids from Cincinnati are talking to Leonard Knight, the old man who built the mountain out of latex paint and tires and straw. We give him a customary can of paint and he gives us a well-rehearsed tour and says he's been working there for 29 years. He makes a big speech about how many new vistors he gets because of Google Earth. A big biker guy who arrives right behind us asks to say a prayer with him.  

Most of the pictures you see of Salvation Mountain only show the front facade, but Knight has been working for years on a system of forest-like passageways on the south side.

Other lesser-known features of Salvation Mountain:



CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: art car, model of the Mountain, grotto, building materials (satellite dish and straw bales)

We meet an art student from the city who appears to be Leonard's intern, and a couple of Jesus freaks who are hanging out on top of the Mountain. From the summit, you can see Slab City.

Slab City from Salvation Mountain