Howdy! We're Brett Hanover and Eileen Townsend, artists and curious people from Memphis, TN. In January of 2010 we followed Route 66 to Southern California, documenting art environments and vernacular architecture across 8 states. Take a look at our photos and commentary below, and drop us a line if you have a question about any of the sites we visited.

This project was made possible by SAIC's Roads Scholarship for Research and Travel,
under the direction of Lisa Stone and Jim Zanzi.

01 Memphis to Joplin
02 Totem Pole Park
03 The Blue Whale
04 Oral Roberts University
05 Yard Art of Craig McGuire
06 Round Barn and the prairie
07 Arrival in Amarillo
08 Stanley Marsh 3 Enterprises
09 Toad Hall: Amarillo Ramp, Floating Mesa, Cadillac Ranch
10 Sculpture Garden of Bobby Valdez
11 Casa de Colores
12 Rancho Bonito
13 Curios
14 Cones and domes
15 Brett at the Integratron
16 Eileen in Palm Desert
17 Noah Purifoy's Desert Art Museum
18 Desert Christ Park
19 The Salton Sea
20 Salvation Mountain
21 Slab City
22 Palm Springs Modernism and the road to Los Angeles
23 Los Angeles
24 Garden Party at the Aetherius Society
25 The Tenth Wonder of the World
26 Martin Sanchez's Beer Bottle Chapel
27 Two Museums
28 Watts Towers
29 Bamboo Charlie
30 More things to see in Los Angeles
EPILOGUE: Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village

Useful Resources
Google Map of our trip (current as of winter 2010)
Other maps we found
Assorted cultural artifacts
Questions often asked about the Salton Sea?

Narrow Larry's World of the Outstanding (thanks Larry!)
Center for Creative Land Use Interpretation
The Roger Brown Study Collection

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